Leather Engineering education is a comprehensive program consists of basic engineering courses having the principles of Engineering Faculty and the occupational courses, training and practical applications. The undergraduate, master and doctorate programs have been established in accordance with the Bologna criteria.  The undergraduate program consists of one year optional foreign language course and four years undergraduate courses having 240 ACTS and 160 Credits/hour. Basic engineering courses have a slice of 40% of the total program whereas the remaining 60% consist of occupational courses and practical applications. The students have a compulsory 4 weeks apprenticeship at the end of 6. semester in one of the related organizations such as; tanneries, chemical producing and marketing companies,  leather apparel companies, shoe manufacturers, artificial leather companies, leather design and fashion companies, R&D institutions, centers and laboratories. The students making dissertations can use the research facilities and laboratories in the department. The department also organizes national and international symposia, meetings and panels bringing together the academia, industrialists and students. In addition, we also participate jointly with the Faculty of Fine Arts to “Leather Design and Manufacturing Competition” organized annually by the Aegean Leather and Leather Goods Exporters’ Association. This action also gives opportunity to our students to increase their knowledge, vision and relations useful for their careers.